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A 20-Something's Adventure in Renovating Her First Home

My First House

Because I am a master of making ALL OF THE LIFE CHANGES all at once, I have recently purchased my first home!

This little beauty is a 1950s ┬áranch house and I think it’s stuck in 1950. I loved it from the moment I walked in the door. It may not be home just yet, but I have so many ideas and plans!

I think that every single room will have to be touched, but that’s all part of the adventure!

I’m going to start in the kitchen, because I really really can’t live with it the way it is. Take a look at this beauty! Continue reading “My First House”

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The Power of Paint

My first home (man I love saying that) needs work. The most glaring issue was the paint colors and wallpaper borders. I’m talking seashells in the bathroom and a canary yellow kitchen. It was so very outdated. It honestly felt like Grandma’s house, and that is just so not my taste. My preference leans towards a little glam, a little rustic and a little modern. Makes for an interesting space, but before I can go all out with the changes, I had to move in. I could NOT move in with the color scheme that was currently in the home. It was enough of an eyesore to give me nightmares. Continue reading “The Power of Paint”

50 Million Shades of Gray

Let me just say, I love love LOVE gray as a neutral for walls. But with a new house that needs paint in EVERY room, I may have overwhelmed myself.

I made a trip to Lowes to look at paint, and let me just say, there are DOZENS of options just for shades of gray. I know it would be nuts to paint each room a different shade, but I don’t want to paint every room the same color, either. I guess the problem is, deciding where to start!

Continue reading “50 Million Shades of Gray”

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